Report: 71 Percent of Americans Don’t Want Biden to Run

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President Joe Biden is in for a rude awakening. A recent Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll reports that over 70% of Americans don’t think Joe Biden should run for a second term as president, but there’s a catch–Americans don’t want Trump in the Oval Office either.

The Hill reports:

A Harvard CAPS–Harris Poll survey shared exclusively with The Hill found that 71 percent of respondents polled do not think Biden should run for a second term, compared to 29 percent who say he should run.

Among the contingent of respondents who believe the president should not run, 45 percent said Biden should not make another bid because he is a bad president, while about one-third of respondents said he is too old and about one-quarter said because it is time for a change.

“President Biden may want to run again but the voters say ‘no’ to the idea of a second term, panning the job he is doing as president. Only 30 percent of Democrats would even vote for him in a Democratic presidential primary,” Mark Penn, the co-director of the Harvard CAPS–Harris Poll survey, said.

But a majority of respondents — 61 percent — also say former President Trump should not run for the White House in 2024. Thirty-nine percent of respondents said the former president should run again.

Will 2024 entail a rematch between Trump and Biden or is this poll a sign that Americans are ready to move on from each politician? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

    1. The biden family are nothing more then puppets on a string for Communist China, look how much money HUNTER HAS TAKEN IN FROM CHINA TO BE SHARED WITH THE BIDEN CRIME FAMILY.

  1. We didn’t elect him in the first place, he was cheated in with massive voter fraud that is now being exposed with confessions and evidence!! WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT THESE CHEATING LYING DEMONCRATS IN OFFICE!! WE HAVE REJECTED THEM AND THS IS WHY THEY WANT TO CHEAT AND FORCE THEMSELVES ON US!!

  2. Should have been fired once refusal began, to take the mental” fit for service test”, not fair for our Country to have someone who can’t do the job and spends more time on vacation then at work.Shows you democrats have more love of power, then any love of country. No end to joe biden BS and lies, were better off then most? WTF, inflation off the scales, no were not better off then most European countries who have lower inflation rates then us , most have less shortages then us, and most can do better dealing with shortages then us. Where the fxxx is the needed baby formula? Where are the self energy solutions? Let me guess time for another vacation at the beach, better check to see how Hunter is doing on the family retirement plan, the only surplus we have are illegal’s, and illegal imported drugs and big city crimes. Joe biden never took any fit to serve test and now it’s more oblivious then ever he is not dealing in any reality, biden lacks helm leadership skills.

  3. I can only wish Donald Trump should run. There is no way to compare how much good he accomplished!’

  4. “But a majority of respondents — 61 percent — also say former President Trump should not run for the White House in 2024”. With 187% negative “media” coverage, all day, every day since 2015, 61% represents a failure on the part of the “media”. Next poll, ask which ‘media” type” the people want as a president. The only poll ever that everyone polls ZERO. . 

  5. So some people prefer to have no one in the White House over having someone in the White House. How embarrassing is that?


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