The CDC Is Deceiving the Public Again

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If you have to go to the hospital, you don’t want to end up in a dangerous one.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention knows which hospitals are riskiest, but it’s hiding that information from you — your safety be damned. The feds seem to think they work for the hospital industry, not for you.

Whenever a hospital has a superbug outbreak, the CDC conceals the hospital’s identity, referring only to “Hospital A.” A lot of good that does patients looking for safe care, especially patients with compromised immune systems, cancer, or HIV.

It’s no joke to find out, after you’re already in the hospital, that a superbug is raging room to room or has invaded the nursery where your newborn will be placed. That’s what happens when the CDC hides outbreaks.

Now the CDC is playing statistical tricks to hide how many people have caught COVID in hospitals and to block the public from seeing which hospitals have had the biggest problem.

The stakes are high; 21% of patients who catch COVID in the hospital never make it out, according to Kaiser Health News.

Though the pandemic may be fading, vulnerable patients need to know which hospitals proved proficient at preventing the spread of COVID inside their walls. It’s a safety measure.

Over the course of the pandemic, thousands of patients went into the hospital for other reasons — such as hip surgery, kidney disease or a heart attack — and got infected with COVID.

The CDC is rigging the definition of hospital-acquired COVID to hide this problem.

The agency says only patients who test positive after being hospitalized at least 14 days are considered infected by the hospital. That eliminates almost everyone. The average patient stays only 4.6 days.

The CDC definition also excludes any patient who left the hospital and then developed symptoms or picked up the virus in the emergency room.

It’s a cover-up. The U.K. and many European countries count COVID infections diagnosed seven or eight days after patients enter as hospital-acquired.

At some hospitals, more than 5% of patients caught COVID in the hospitals, according to a Kaiser Health News analysis of state data and Medicare billing data. The CDC refuses to name these hospitals, defying Freedom of Information Act requests from the media.

When a plane crashes, the Federal Aviation Administration doesn’t conceal the identity of the airline. Why does the CDC cover up for a hospital?

To be fair, some regions and some hospitals were hit harder than others by the pandemic. But it’s also true that some hospitals took precautions to stop the virus from spreading and succeeded in providing safer care than others.

Some hospitals tested all incoming patients for the virus and retested days later to be sure. Testing proved critical, because most patients who contracted COVID in the hospitals got it from another patient. At Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, eight out of nine patients who became infected caught COVID from the patient sharing their room, according to the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Why didn’t all hospitals test? Blame the CDC, which left it to the “discretion of the facility.”

New Yorkers should demand to see the data the CDC is hiding. Hospital-acquired COVID is a problem here. In January, during the Omicron surge, rates of hospital-acquired COVID were higher in New York than the national average, though lower than in Washington, D.C., according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of unpublished federal data. Trouble is, citywide averages don’t tell you what you need to know — the adequacy of infection prevention in your hospital.

It’s time to end the CDC’s secrecy in the service of hospitals. The CDC’s ploy to hide hospital-acquired COVID is a red flag.

Call the CDC the Centers for Deception and Cover-ups. The nation should be demanding a health agency that deals honestly with the public. If you have health problems, your life could depend on it.

  1. Good grief, how untruthful can an administration get.Not to let the people know that a hospital is dangerous. How low can this group go. Evidently, they have no integrity at all. And the people are of no interest to them. It is all about the money they can get for themselves.

    1. So now Allie, can you not see that this illegal administration and its ABC agencies are trying their best to kill off as many American citizens they can…they are absolute Communist pawns….they are doing every thing they can to destroy this country !!

  2. Anyone looking for truth from government or allied news propaganda is just out of touch with reality.

  3. The CDC & the rest if the administrative agencies are pure & total Progressivist (communist) fraud.

  4. The big science behind all the past & current virology is fraudulent crony corporate fakery.
    … …
    The politics of left vs right is also fraudulent & not American but European.

  5. … … the Constitution is our American form of government & has been corrupted beyond belief.
    Currently conservatives & anyone other than the communust left is being demonized as fascists in order to justify their extermination.

  6. People, People, stop complaining, the Biden Socialist Regime has everything under control and will soon issue a statement with Everything that you are Required to Beleive and How to tell the difference between Truth and Lie. It is very simple, if the statement is Not Issued by the Biden Socialist Regime then you know that it is a Lie. The Biden Socialist Regime would like to thank you for being such Good Little Sheep and remember the only people you can believe are those from the Ministry of Truth

  7. It’s time to defund the leftist cdc and fda for breaking their hypocratic oath basically lying again and again to the public! Gotta say Walensky you are a piece of leftist work how dare to decide that the American public does not need to know what hospitals in their state has been compromised that is not your call to mask biatch, and ms Zhang you lost vital data regarding Covid vaccines for 6 mos- 5 yr old how dare you use them as Guinea pigs in you leftist experiment your lack of honesty is apparent so I wonder how you will feel when your dragged to court in a major wrongful death of an infant or toddler lawsuit involving millions from you and your cohorts and the fda and cdc to make an example of your blatant lack of caring for a human being! I think all Americans need to speak to a Republican Senator and place sanctions on these two horrible leftist organizations now! We’re coming for you watch your back your done! Let’s Go Brandon!

  8. The CDC & many other Govt. agencies are just asking for an active shooter. I’d be on edge working for one of those S-Holes.

    1. Yes that is very likely the hope cdc,fbi, & thevrest of the agencies hope everyday, that some nutcase will target them in person.
      However that us not the current intention or policy of any sane Americanist constitutionalist because the establishment has such control over media that it would, like conservatives demonstrating, only result in news coverage beneficial to the communist (Prigressive) cause.

  9. CAN WE TRUST ANYBODY ANYMORE. I need hand surgery and will not have it done because I’m 66 years old and afraid I won’t make it out alive for just a simple surgery. This craziness has got to be stopped. I don’t trust doctors, hospitals, CDC, or any other healthcare crap anymore. These “professionals” are becoming vultures, just waiting.


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