Kellyanne Conway Says Trump Should Consider Supporting Pence for President in ’24

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway says that Donald Trump should seriously consider supporting Mike Pence for the Republican Party’s 2024 nomination, especially if he doesn’t run himself.

In an appearance on The Wall Street Journal’s “Free Expression” podcast, the former campaign manager admitted that Trump is the overwhelming favorite to be the Party’s nominee in the next election.

The Hill reports:

“The Trump/Pence accomplishments are remarkable, and we can go through them. People don’t seem to want to, but if he runs for president, he’ll be talking about that. If Mike Pence runs for president instead of Donald Trump, if Donald Trump says no, he’ll be talking about the Trump-Pence accomplishments,” Conway added.

“He’s beating all other Republican candidates among Republican primary voters,” she added.

Conway said that the former president “should” support his vice president when asked if Trump would support Pence if he chooses not to run.

She added that if Trump decides not to run, he should think “very deeply about supporting his vice president, because they were a magical, magnificent, marvelous team.”

  1. Kellyanne must be kidding! She apparently doesn’t realize that Pence is the reason we have Biden

    1. Sorry, he is not the reason we have Biden. Pence is a good man and felt he had to abide by law and his conscience. Biden is a result of democrat’s conspiracy to use Covid lockdowns to steal the election. They are getting ready to do it again in the midterms. Absentee voting, drop boxes, rule changes, using Covid lockdowns as their excuse. Government claims of rising Covid rates, will lead to unnecessary lockdowns. We were told get vaccinated, and you don’t need masks, then vaccinated people got Covid, get your booster and people are still getting and transmitting and dying. The survival rate is better than 98%. Like with the flu people die every year. Start with scaring the people then announce mandates. Many people are like sheep and easily led.

  2. I have been skeptical about her due to her being married to a guy who suffers from Severe Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  3. She’s lost her mind. She must be hallucinating like her jacka__ husband.
    Pence pussied out and ran from the truth. A truth that’s becoming more apparent each passing day…

  4. I cannot believe she would speak so negatively about her former boss. Conway did a good job during the campaign but over the past two years she has slowly but purposefully been very negative about President Trump when on some television shows. Personally, it offends me when someone who has used President Trump’s name to further her own career and her recently published book and seems to have no compunction about the way she speaks of him now. By the way, Kelly Anne,your face job looks great.

  5. OMG! Has Kellyanne’s “Lincoln Project” husband been covertly filling her head with anti-Trump balderdash while she’s been napping? And where is she getting the info that Pence is leading in all the primary votes? Have there even been any primary votes thus far regarding presidential nominees. In the polls I’ve seen, Trump’s biggest rival for the GOP nomination is Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. As far as I’m concerned, as an independent voter, I would prefer to see Trump remain in the position he now holds–the “Endorser” for the Republican Party. He should continue to rally ’round the country, revving up enthusiasm for the upcoming elections, keeping folks informed about the demented policies of the present administration and then, come 2024, he should step back and let DeSantis be the nominee. Trump got the ball rolling and he should keep moving strategically around the court. Then, he should pass the ball to DeSantis and let him “slam dunk it.”

  6. Sorry KellyAnne, Pence isn’t Strong enough to handle all the “Hard Tasks” that are coming America’s Way! PresidentTrump has the know How and the Intestinal Fortitude to get the ”Job Done” He’s been there and has the experience to handle it!

  7. Love Trump but he needs to reconsider his feelings regarding Kellyanne Conway. Of all the crappy books written by former Trump administration members, she has done nothing but praise him and his accomplishments. Don’t really care if he supports Pence or not, but he should be extremely cautious about who he can trust. Kellyanne is top of that list. Even his daughter testified at the J6 sham investigation.

  8. Ask her if Trump does not run (unlikely) does the name DeSantis ring a bell? Someone tell her Pence is an empty suit

  9. Ms. Conway – you have lost your mind. Why would Trump want to support Pence when he was never on Trump’s side!! And I believe that completely & I’m not talking about Jan 6. Obviously Pence has sweet-talked you – I would never support him or give him a cent! I’ll support DeSantis if Trump doesn’t run & Pence will never beat DeSantis!

  10. Pence has far more popularity with the Democrats and the RINOs than the Republican base. The country club RINO”s and the TDS crowd might like him but that will not get him elected. Not that RINOs care about winning the POTUS seat.


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