Mark Meadows Reveals How he is Responding to DOJ Subpoena

Gage Skidmore Flickr

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Mark Meadows, a former congressman and chief of staff for President Trump, will comply with the Department of Justice’s subpoena. However, he is not agreeing to sit down for testimony before the partisan January 6 Committee.

Fox News reports:

A source close to Meadows told Fox News Thursday that he “provided pursuant to a DOJ subpoena the same documents that had already been provided previously to the 1/6 House committee pursuant to its subpoena.”

“Documents subject to Executive Privilege claims were withheld in both instances,” the source told Fox News. “No testimony or any other materials were sought by the DOJ.”

The Department of Justice has issued over 30 subpoenas to aides of former President Donald Trump, a source familiar with the federal investigation confirmed to Fox News this week.

Meadows, in November 2021, began providing records to the Jan. 6 committee.

Meadows has remained compliant with committee requests from the partisan committee, but has not testified as of now.

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20 days ago

Democrats using Patriot Act against competition is what they do in Banana Republics! This should scare all Americans!

keith hogan
keith hogan
19 days ago

Dems can break any laws. No one prosecutes Dems. Watch as Dems raid the Treasury.

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