Biden’s Woke Army Claims THIS is a ‘Threat to National Security’

Joe Biden while giving a speech at the White House. Photo/ White House / Public Domain

Via ADN:

Joe Biden’s woke U.S. Army released its new plan to fight “climate change.” The plan claimed climate change “poses an immediate and serious threat to U.S. national security and affects how and where the Army trains and operates.” The  “Army Climate Strategy” (ACS) says the Army must “adapt” to climate change due to “dangerous levels of greenhouse gases (GHG) have already accumulated in the Earth’s atmosphere.” The service must now focus on “saving” the planet first.

American Military News reports:

The strategy highlights three main “lines of effort,” including installations, acquisition and logistics, and training.

The Army will work toward making sure installations have “resilient energy and water supply, carbon free electricity, efficient and sustainable infrastructure, sustainable land management, and more.

The Army also vowed to reduce fuel consumption and rely on advanced technology to help mitigate climate change during deployments. Additionally, the service will “train and educate the Army to operate in a climate-altered world.”

“The ACS envisions the Total Army as ‘a resilient and sustainable land force able to operate in all domains with effective mitigation and adaption measures against the key effects of climate change, consistent with Army modernization efforts,’” the strategy’s implementation plan states.

The plan adds. “The effects of climate change will be a feature of global conditions for the foreseeable future. As such, the Army must continually adjust the ACS-IP to reflect the best science and cutting edge technologies. In FY25, the Army will assess progress, revisit assumptions, update and refresh the way ahead.”

  1. You have to believe that Russia and China have Climate Change on their priority lists right after painting the mess halls and before human rights; in the bottom 3 anyway.

  2. I s this in “The Onion” ?? The ARMY is supposed to protect America, kill the enemy, and
    break things !! We need to change the definition of ” enemy”

  3. The climate has never been static. One of the End day prophesies is for climate change. Come Lord Jesus.

  4. So this “plan” is the next phase of the Liberal Commicrats effort to completely destroy our military! Remove training. We must rid the earth of this cancerous DemocRAT party!

  5. I have just one word “WHAT”? The fudge. Since when is climate change part of the Department of War (it’s original name) agenda. Further and further down the long tube we go to stupidity and oblivion.

  6. I wonder how many cells….ft levenworth has…..Sure hope it is enough for all the generals/top brass to have there own cell….but what the heck they can double up like they do in civilian jails. Wonder if those civilians in the 8 sided bldg would be military trials or civilian. I guess that would say which one of the prisons they would end up in. Of course the total cells needed would depend on how many were tried for TREASON and received the proper sentence for that crime.

  7. So, let me try to understand this, to appease the left wing stooges, when our country is under attack and the bombs are falling, before we can respond we have to make sure that our weapons don’t affect the climate? That sounds just stupid enough to have been thought up by the left. This country is on the brink of destruction, and unless we purge every democrat from all levels of our government while we still have the chance to do that, they will destroy our constitutional republic. I am so glad I’m old, and hopefully will be gone before the United States of America is no more.


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