2022 Elections – A Predictor For 2024?

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This year’s midterm elections might look extremely familiar to the 2020 elections, they could even be a preview of what is to come with the 2024 elections. With President Donald Trump and Biden providing campaign support to candidates for many of the same seats in this midterm election, and arriving to many of the same areas only days apart from each other, both now and in the 2020 election, this year’s elections could be a good indicator for how the 2024 election might play out. While neither Trump or Biden have formally announced they will be running for office in 2024, they have both hinted. Biden has even mentioned that he “believes [he] could beat Donald Trump again.” Though if these two do end up facing off in 2024 it could become one of the longest political feuds in American history.

In many ways Trump, Biden, and their relationship is very unique and unreplicated in history. One expert recalled only one potential comparison to the two with Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt. This is because it is extremely rare for a past president to even think of having a political future after moving out of the white house. Which will only further support Trump and his campaign as he still has a massive following and a very viable political future. It also will not hurt the Republican party as it attempts to flip Congress. Which if it can, it may be a predictor of what the 2024 election could look like.

Recently President Trump has also been active in the midterm elections, and working to bring back a Republican majority to congress. Trump has recently created a new super PAC, MAGA Inc. which has already reserved more that $5 million in airtime for ads for Republican candidates in many key states. He has also been out campaigning for quite a few candidates, such as Kari Lake and J.D. Vance.

Many people believe, according to AP, that if Republicans win in November it would highly encourage President Trump to run in 2024.

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