Battle Remains Close After Last Debate in Ohio

Monday night marked the last Senate debate in Ohio between Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan and Trump endorsed Republican J.D. Vance. The two engaged in a heated debate revolving around their families, their careers, inflation, and the political atmosphere in our country. At multiple points Vance was able to expose points of Ryan’s career that have left him as a less than reliable candidate for the open Senate seat out of Ohio. He was also able to take meaningless and low hits served by Ryan in stride.

During the hour the two shared the stage in Stambaugh Auditorium at Youngstown State University, the highest point of debate came when a moderator asked about the “great replacement” theory.

According to NBC News:

“The conspiracy theory, which has found a home on the far-right fringes, broadly states that a Jewish-led cabal of liberals is trying to take power by replacing white voters with nonwhites by any means necessary, including immigration and interracial marriage.”

Vance has mentioned the idea that Democrats are pushing immigration policies to replace voters, ultimately in hopes of winning elections. Which has prompted many to question as to whether or not he supports the theory. Of course, in true Democratic fashion, the difference between what Vance is motioning towards and the meaning of the great replacement theory is largely different. With the replacement theory being based largely as more on the extremist end of that spectrum.

Ryan went on to attack Vance’s family even insinuating that Vance’s wife, an Indian American, was part of the theory to Vance.

Vance, in turn, focused his talk time on Ryan’s career and connections to Biden and Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). Mentioning that Ryan has been a career politician, that has been in office for 20 years. While also mentioning how policies that are affecting Americans in situations like gas and bills, were all supported by Ryan.

As previously mentioned, this debate is the last one for these two before the midterm elections. The battle for the open seat, being left vacant by retiring Republican Senator Rob Portman, is far from over. As these two remain neck to neck in polls some of the time even dipping into margin of error point values. As of Monday, Vance is in the lead though closely followed by Ryan.

Read more on the debate at NBC News.

  1. I’m from Ohio. If voters can’t see the charade, Tim Ryan, for what he is, a lowly politician, then lord help the state. J D Vance is a real person interested in hitting head on the issues that have caused our country to fail so badly. Wake up Ohio.


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