No, Kari Lake Shouldn’t Concede

In an election that took an entire week to declare a winner, AP has declared (D) Katie Hobbs the winner over Trump-back (R) Kari Lake. However, Maricopa county had several issues, including voting machine issues and a suspiciously lengthy time it took for the votes to be counted.


After two strange elections in a row, first in 2020 and now in 2022, Republicans are rightly outraged with the results in two razor-thin elections; first with 2020 Presidental candidate Donald Trump, and now with Gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs both coming up short in a county that has lost most of their credibility.

In 2020, when Donald Trump was up for reelection, the county we all came to know all too well, Maricopa county, had multiple issues with the integrity of their election certification. Now, in 2022, Kari Lake, a Trump-backed and “America First” candidate has run into the same issues Donald Trump has, only this time, it may be even worse.

In 2020, at least 740,000 ballots violated the chain of custody requirements needed for an election to be certifiable. Biden would go on to win Arizona by only 0.3% of total votes, Joe Biden would go on to win Arizona by just over 10,000 votes, meanwhile, over 740,000 ballots didn’t meet the necessary requirements for the ballots to be certifiable. The Presidential election results in Arizona would go on to be audited, and the audit completed in September 2021 would find 

After the results showed Kari Lake losing by less than 20,000 votes, the story appears to be all to similar to the 2020 Presidental election. While there is no proof that the election was stolen in the case of Donald Trump and Kari Lake, the voting results are absurdly close in both elections, with both candidates losing by less than 1% of the total vote in a state that has been highly ridiculed.

On Twitter, both “DO NOT CONCEDE” and “Recount” began trending today.

Suspiciously, the Top Maricopa County election official, Stephen Richer, donated to a far-left ‘resistance group’ known as PatriotTakes, a self-described group of “dedicated researchers monitoring and exposing right-wing extremism and other threats to democracy.”

REVEALED: Top Maricopa County election official donated to far-left ‘resistance group’ PatriotTakes

Stephen Richer’s decision to donate to PatriotTakes shows that he is biased, and that he can not be treated as impartial. Of course, if the roles were reversed then the left would not be content with these ridiculous elections taking place in Maricopa county. The inefficient counting of the votes, razor-thin margins where Democrats are consistently coming out on top, and their lack of transparency about the issues they’re having all point to valid reasons why a candidate and her supports should apply pressure for a recount of the votes.

Kari Lake is one of the few candidates who’s shown no resistance when discussing election fraud and election integrity issues as a whole. Even before Lake came up short in yet another strange Maricopa county election, Lake has been on FOX News and broken the mold of falling in line with the left, as most FOX News hosts and guests get away from the topic of election issues as quickly as possible. Discussing illegitimate elections is something that is rarely if ever done on mainstream television news, which includes FOX News, due to FCC rules and what they label to be a “hoax.” The FCC’s definition of a hoax “(a) The licensee knows this information is false; (b) It is foreseeable that broadcast of the information will cause substantial public harm.” These rules have been applied in the past for claims about COVID-19 (many of which have been proven correct now, over two years later,) and these rules have been applied to denying the outcome of the 2020 Presidental election.

When Kari Lake appeared on FOX News to talk with Brett Beir, Lake said, “I am really shocked. I am actually appalled that FOX News would take a defamatory story like that, and we are pursuing legal action against this drag queen. I am appalled you would bring that up when you have not talked about our stolen election. You failed to talk about that… I am really disappointed in Fox. I thought you were better than CNN.”

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