Have The Democrats’ Lost The Senate After Fetterman Debate?

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman listening to speakers. Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Commissioner Robert Evanchick confirmed today that Trooper Martin F. Mack III, 33, and Trooper Branden T. Sisca, 29, were struck and killed by a driver earlier this morning on I-95 south in the area of milepost 18 in Philadelphia City, Philadelphia County. A male pedestrian was also struck and killed at the same time. .Philadelphia, PA – March 21, 2022. Via Wikimedia Commons.

In the last weeks before the midterm elections, the thin ice Democrats have been skating on may have cracked as Republicans prep to take the U.S. Senate Majority. With key states Pennsylvania and Georgia’s debate performances by Fetterman and Warnock leaving much to be desired it may have been just enough to end their hopes. While many Democratic strategists are hoping that Fetterman’s participation in the debate Tuesday night will be good enough for them to consider voting for him, the real truth is that both his performance and Warnock’s earlier this month have been underwhelming in states that Democrats never thought they would have to worry about.

Fetterman was slow to respond during the debate because he used a closed-caption device that delayed some of his answers. The use of this device stemmed from the stroke he had suffered back in May. However, the real killer for Fetterman during the debate was his mix-up on fracking. The fact that he couldn’t figure out if he did or didn’t support fracking could be an issue for Pennsylvania’s voters. Local papers in Pennsylvania have highlighted top issues locals care about including crime, fracking, inflation, and the minimum wage. With fracking being a top concern for the state, not being clear on his position on the subject could cost him.

Between this and Warnock’s performance, this one could end up coming back to haunt the party when they lose the majority in November. As of Tuesday, more than 639,000 people have already voted in the state, and with Polls showing only the slightest margin between Fetterman and Oz this performance could be a deciding factor come November 8th.

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  1. I watched this debate, it was painful and embarrassing! However, if the people of Pennsylvania don’t see this for the disaster that it was, then their eyes are shut with crazy glue.
    There is no way that this man is qualified to take this job, because he can’t perform it. A Senator has to do much reading, comprehend it and be able to debate it on the Senate floor.
    He simply CANNOT DO THAT!!!

  2. Never underestimate the low information Democrat voter cabal. Like a Pavlovian dog, that (D) is the trigger for their vote.

  3. Not only is he painful and embarrassing to watch, but he is also very low class, crass and very bourgeois! We need leaders who look like leaders, not the low life of Fetterman and his wife…..


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