Ohio Candidate Confused On What Drugs Are

Tim Ryan, an Ohio Democrat running for senate, seems to be unsure of what drugs are. Earlier this year Ryan introduced a House resolution that would label fentanyl as a “weapon of mass destruction.” In 2019 however, Ryan pledged to decriminalize “all drug possession (s),” which would include fentanyl, when he briefly ran for president. This is a clear contradiction, one that leaves Ryan’s opinion on the matter murky.

J.D. Vance, Ryan’s Republican opponent for the Senate seat, has come forward with his own opinions on the matter. He told Fox News in an exclusive that:

“Ryan wants to label the deadly opioid fentanyl a “weapon of mass destruction” but previously made an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) pledge to decriminalize “all drug possession.””

Earlier this month Ryan was also in the headlines for taking campaign donations from drug distribution companies that have had a major role in the opioid crisis. With yet another twist his campaign has been seemingly very much against drugs. What will it be Ryan?

In Ohio, drug overdoses are a major issue, as,

“In 2020, Ohio was third among states in overdose deaths, behind California and Florida, with 5,204 deaths.
Eighty-one percent of Ohio overdose deaths in 2020 had fentanyl involved, with the number rising from 76 percent in 2019.”

The only logical conclusion in this situation comes from Vance:

“”If Tim Ryan wants someone’s vote, he will tell them whatever they want to hear,” Vance told Fox News Digital in an exclusive quote. “The fact that he would pledge to decriminalize the deadly fentanyl flooding our streets is a slap in the face to every family in Ohio that has faced this poison head-on.””

  1. Vance should know . He got rich shilling for the Opiod makers . He’s a filthy disgrace . And a lifelong democrat . Sorry , no votes for dope peddler Vance here

  2. Ryan takes the position which is currently “in vogue.” As situations change, he switches to a new position.

  3. You can NOT trust Ryan. He votes 100% with Pelosi and Biden, but is too cowardly to even mention he is a Democrat in his campaign commercials. His campaign commercials are vicious personal attacks on J.D. Vance and deliberate distortions of how Ryan actually votes.


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