New Poll Reveals Depressing Facts

Biden speaking at event. Screenshot via C-SPAN.

Today on your Hollywood minute Amanda discusses a new, depressing, poll that was just released on the state of the nation and Joe Biden’s job as President. According to a poll by Scott Rasmussen, a plurality of American believe that Joe Biden has made the county worse, which yay, but sadly they then go on to say America’s best days are in the past. 47%, the majority when split with yes, no, and no difference, said that Biden has made the county worse. With nearly 1-in-5 Democrats believing he has made it worse. Though then the survey went on to ask about America, and that is where it got depressing as the majority, 42% of respondents, stated the country’s best days were in the past. Get out there and make a difference so this statistic isn’t true people!


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