Experts say Hunter Biden’s legal bills are $100K a month, but no one knows who’s paying

The ongoing legal problems of President Joe Biden’s adult son Hunter Biden may spawn their
own legal problems, with experts wondering where the supposedly bankrupt entrepreneur is
getting the estimated $100,000 a month needed to pay his attorneys.

“Hunter Biden’s legal defense against both the Justice Department and congressional probes
could cost more than $100,000 per month, legal experts told Breitbart News, as the scandal-
scarred first son faces mounting scrutiny for his mysterious business practices,” Breitbart News

“(Lead attorney Kevin) Morris announced attorney Abbe Lowell, who represents high-profile
individuals engulfed in political scandals, such as Bill Clinton and Jared Kushner, would join
fellow attorneys Chris Clark and Joshua A. Levy on Hunter’s legal defense team,” Breitbart

But Biden also reportedly has no steady source of income and is already facing bankruptcy,
raising questions as to just who is paying legal bills associated with already-hidden sources of
income as his legal team grows ahead of congressional probes and at least one criminal
investigation into an alleged gun crime.

“According to attorneys with knowledge of industry compensation standards, Hunter could be
paying more than $100,000 per month ($1.2 million per year) for his legal defense team.
Lawyers at such a level would cost $1,000 per hour, a D.C. attorney who asked for anonymity
for fear of retribution and reprisal told Breitbart News,” the outlet reports.

Biden already owes millions to his attorneys, with his lead attorney Morris already using his own
funds to pay off Biden’s $2 million IRS tax delinquency.

“Hunter has to find the money somewhere. If Morris paid Hunter’s two million dollar tax bill,
Morris could be at the nucleus of Hunter’s legal defense funds,” former Florida State
Representative Anthony Sabatini tells Breitbart. “An attorney’s ethical duty is to the client and
not the payer.”

“For $100,000 per month, someone is on the hook to pay up,” said Sabatini.

Hunter Biden’s shady and potentially illegal sources of income are already the subject of interest
by congressional investigators. In addition to uncovered emails documenting questionable
businesses interests in Communist China, paintings by Biden, an untrained artist, are selling for
as much as a reported half-million dollars.

Hunter Biden’s art is purchased by anonymous buyers and brokered by an art deal with extensive
ties to China, fueling concerns foreign interests are buying access to the White House.

Despite commanding six-figure payments from companies in Ukraine and Communist China
who wanted access to Joe Biden, Hunter Biden’s lavish lifestyle and drug habits left him
reportedly penniless, with Joe Biden giving Hunter $100,000 in loans and access to credit cards.


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