More Biden Docs…More Biden Corruption?

The Hollywood Conservative’s following video is commentary based on this previous Trump Train News Article. Enjoy!

Today in a Hollywood minute, Amanda discusses new information Trump Train News reported on pertaining to the Biden documents. Back in November about 10 documents were found at an office in the Penn Biden Center, shortly after more documents were found at Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, and now there are more documents found at his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home. However, now the House intel committee will be looking into an FBI discovery following a 13-hour long search of one of Biden’s notebooks in his Delaware home – where they also found six additional documents. These new found documents were from Biden’s time as Vice President and as a U.S. Senator. And while Liberals may try to argue on Biden’s behalf of being able to declassify documents as a Vice President – which isn’t the case – they certainly cannot argue the same for a Senator. While the FBI seized these documents they also took notes that Biden had jotted down from his time as VP discussing diplomatic engagements Biden had taken part in showing he may have taken other sensitive or classified notes on easily accessible material. This also begs the question of what else could get into the wrong hands as a result of Biden’s carelessness.

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