Trump Has Endorsed This U.S. Rep For Senate

President Donald Trump giving remarks in the White House Rose Garden on May 30, 2020. Via Wikimedia Commons.

President Donald Trump has endorsed U.S. Representative Jim Banks, who is running to take Indiana’s open Senate seat in the 2024 elections. Wednesday, Trump took to his social media platform Truth Social to spread his thoughts and endorsement towards the Representative. Banks, who is 43 years old and serving his fourth term in the House, launched his bid for Senate two weeks ago. The seat, which will be left vacant, is currently Senator Mike Braun’s seat though he will have to vacate the seat as he runs in the state’s gubernatorial election.

Representative Banks is the only one, so far, that has announced a run for the seat. Former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has said he wouldn’t be entering the election and U.S. Representative Victoria Spartz, a Republican also representing Indiana, is undecided on if she would be entering the race.

Donald Trump Jr. took to back in January to express his opinion on Mitch Daniels, as he feared the former governor would make a bid to run for the seat. In which he called Daniels a “weak RINO” and insisted he would be a “Mitt Romney 2.0.” He even refered to the former govenor as “Mitch Romney.”

A screenshot of a Donald Trump Jr. Tweet in which he expresses his opinions on Mitch Daniels and his potential run for the Senate seat in Indiana. Twitter/Donald Trump Jr.

We will have to wait and see. Though if Banks does get competition it will be an interesting race to watch, as he had already emerged as a leading Republican in the House. He had already reported nearly $1.4 million in cash during his last filing for Congress and the FEC, as he has already been endorsed by the Club for Growth.

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