State Of The Union: Will Biden Address THIS Disaster?

Biden speaking overlayed in front of the White House. Speaking as he will be doing at the State of the Union. Photo Edit/Alexander J. Williams III/ Pop Acta

From members of the GOP, former President Donald Trump, and Democratic New York Mayor Eric Adams along with other Democrats hit by swarms of illegal immigrants to their states and cities, everyone has one issue in common – the border is a mess and President Biden has done nothing to fix the issue.

Throughout the Biden administration, over 1.2 million illegal immigrants, primarily from Mexico and South America, have crossed through our largely unprotected southern border. Many of them bringing drugs and gang affiliations with them as they cross.

According to Fox News, Biden’s historic border crisis has created a historic public health crisis for every American community. In 2022, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency agents seized enough illicit fentanyl to kill every single American, most of which was smuggled across our southern border. Now, drug overdoses due to illicit fentanyl are the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18-49.

Of course, if Biden chooses to not address the issue concerns at the southern border, then Sarah Huckabee Sander will swiftly address it during the Republican State Of The Union response.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Will Deliver REPUBLICAN State Of The Union Response

Other issues Biden will need to respond to include issues on crime, the economy, and gas prices not falling back to their national average. While Biden has boasted about his improving economy and slightly falling inflation, until these numbers return to average the President has no ground to stand on, and American citizens are the ones suffering the consequences of this economic issue.

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  3. TTN: Hello. Think obiden will address in his 2023 misstate of the dis-union:
    –The disaster in his mirror ?
    –Fess-up about the demoncrat “cheat system” that allowed obiden to sneak-in a win in 2020 ?
    –Slip-up to his financially “on-the-take” to china, ukraine, russia et al ?
    –Slip-up on obiden’s treasonous providing to china the United States Strategic Petroleum Oil Reserves
    contained within two loaded tanker-ships ?
    –Slip-up on his “quid-pro-quo” for financial gain via foreign countries for his selling his govt position for
    financial gain ?
    –Slip-up on disclosing classified information to foreign countries including china, ukraine, russia et al ?
    –Acknowledging misuse of govt resources by using Air Force Two for transporting his son “hunter”
    for private gain by fostering and enabling his son “hunter” to wangle huge financial deals with foreign
    countries to acquire obiden family and personal gain ?
    –Et al treasonous acts by obiden ?


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