Biden’s Black Voter Crisis: A Major Hurdle for 2024 Victory

Photo illustration of President Biden delivering a speech.
Photo illustration of President Biden delivering a speech.
Facing the 2024 Presidential Election, Democrats grapple with concerns that President Biden may struggle to secure the essential Black voter support for a victory.

Concern Over Black Voter Turnout for Biden

  • Fears arise within the Democratic party concerning the anticipated low turnout of Black voters for potential nominee, President Joe Biden, in the forthcoming Presidential Election.
  • This follows a significant drop in Black voter participation in the 2022 midterm elections, down nearly ten points from the 2018 figure.

Reduced Black Voter Participation in Key States

  • Reports highlight the decreased voter turnout among Black constituents, particularly in states such as Georgia, considered crucial in mobilizing this demographic for the Democrats.
  • The declining voter turnout presents a concerning issue for the Democrats as they heavily depend on these voter bases to maintain their position in crucial states. For instance, during the 2020 election, winning Georgia was vital for the Democrats, and their victory in the state was made possible by the support from Atlanta and its neighboring regions.

The Need for Democrat Focus on Black Male Voters

  • W. Mondale Robinson, the founder of the Black Male Voter Project, emphasizes the necessity for the Democrats to reorient their strategies, moving away from primarily attracting conservative-leaning White women, and instead focusing more on Black male voter engagement.
  • Considering the demographic distribution, Black males account for approximately 6% of the nation’s population. The Democrats have already demonstrated commendable performance in securing Black votes, with nearly 90% of the Black population voting for Joe Biden in the 2020 elections despite his perceived lack of resonance with Black voters.
  • White women represent a significantly larger portion of the population, approximately 25-30%. As such, it could be strategically advantageous for Democrats to balance their focus rather than over-emphasize on the Black vote, especially given their current successful track record in this regard.
  • Despite the high voting percentage, there is a growing sense of disaffection and disillusionment within the Black community towards both political parties.

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