ANTIFA Linked To Series of Terrorist Attacks on Pro-Life Centers

Edit featuring ANTIFA rioters and a pro-life center having been destroyed. Credit: Alexander J. Williams/Popacta
Edit featuring ANTIFA rioters and a pro-life center having been destroyed. Credit: Alexander J. Williams/Popacta

Two suspects arrested in connection with a series of attacks on crisis pregnancy centers have been linked to the leftist terrorist movement Antifa. 

Federal prosecutors allege two Miami residents, 23-year-old Amber Smith-Stewart and 27-year-old Caleb Freestone, carried out vandalism attacks on three Florida crisis pregnancy centers, which provide alternatives to abortion and free services to pregnant women including ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, parenting classes, and post-abortion counseling.

“Freestone and Smith-Stewart, and other co-conspirators, are alleged to have spray painted threats, including “If abortions aren’t safe then neither [sic] are you,” “YOUR TIME IS UP!!,” “WE’RE COMING for U,” and “We are everywhere,” on a reproductive health services facility in Winter Haven, Florida. The indictment further alleges that facilities in Hollywood, Florida, and Hialeah, Florida, were also targeted,” the Justice Department announced in a statement.

The pair carried out the attacks in the name of “Jane’s Revenge,” a domestic terrorist movement that vows to carry out violent assaults on pro-life centers and figures, demanding taxpayer-funded abortion on demand.

But soon after the indictments were unsealed, conservative media outlets found the pair were linked to the Antifa terrorist movement, which carries out violent acts to advance a liberal political agenda, but has no official organization or officers.

The Washington Times reports:

(Smith-Stewart) has made no secret of her Antifa sympathies. She has identified herself as “Antifa, anti-capitalist” on her Facebook page, which includes images of pro-Antifa posters and flags from a screenshot posted on the AntifaWatch website.

Freestone is linked to and active in Antifa organizations, but publicly disavowed those links after a 2022 arrest, noting that confirming them would attract police attention to his activities.

AntifaWatch reports Freestone would attend school board meetings to compile lists of citizens who criticized liberal school policies, then direct online mobs to target their places of employment demanding they be fired.

The Times reports:

(Freestone) is listed on AntifaWatch and has been active with Whatever It Takes, a left-wing pro-choice group with no love for “fascists” that advocates for “sustained civil resistance” and “direct action.”

He was arrested in July at a heated Miami-Dade County school board meeting and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest without violence, and trespassing after a warning. A woman at the meeting publicly accused him of being with Antifa, which he appeared to deny.

“People who are accused of being the boogeyman Antifa are met with a significant police response,” Mr. Freestone told WLRN public radio.

Despite a national wave of terrorist attacks on pro-life centers since 2022, Smith-Stewart and Freestone are among the few arrested.  If convicted Freestone and Smith-Stewart each face up to a maximum of 12 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and fines of up to $350,000.

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