Democrat Heathens Meltdown Over Christian Super Bowl Ad

Screenshot from Fox News, showing the Super Bowl Ad He Gets Us. Photo/He Gets Us/ Fox News

Today in a Hollywood minute Amanda discusses the Super Bowl and Democrat heathens. While the majority of the famed commercials have gone woke, there was one set on the Christian campaign ‘He Gets Us.’ While there was a breath of wokeness to them they were majorly funded by Christian brands like Hobby Lobby, so that’s good. Though they reminded Amanda of the pastors in Los Angeles, and for sure many other areas, as they attempt to bring in new people while starving current members. Though these two ads, which cost $20 million, have become subject to AOC and many of her pagan leftist allies. Give me a break.

  1. Satan is in full control of the heathens like AOC and her ilk!!! Their day of reckoning will soon be here soon enough. Their secular agenda is in full display for our great Lord Jesus Christ to see and monitor! Pray for all of them!

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  4. The “He gets us ad” seemed to me to be more about justifying illegal immigration than promoting Jesus. I am all for helping others but only in their own nations. Seal the border.


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