Jim Jordan Endorses Trump At Rally For Fellow Representative

Jim Jordan Saturday praising President Trump while rallying with Iowa Representative. Photo/Iowa City Press/ Joseph Cress

Over the weekend U.S. Representative Jim Jordan was not shy when throwing his support behind President Trump for the 2024 presidential election. Jordan, who was at a fundraiser at the Courtyard By Marriott Iowa City in University Heights Saturday, sang the former President’s praises as he campaigned for fellow Republican Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks. While only two candidates are officially in the 2024 GOP primary, and more are set to come out, Jordan already has his pick clear.

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While at the event Jordan stated, according to Iowa City Press-Citizen, that

He thinks Trump did more as president than any other president in his lifetime.

“(Trump) did more of what he said he would do than any other president I’ve ever seen and he did it with everyone against him,” Jordan said.

Jordan also told a story about Trump and the Mar-a-Lago raid – stating,

Trump answered the phone and said, “Jim, this is the best thing that has ever happened,” because he viewed the raid as a political win.

“I like his toughness. (Trump) is so American. He hates losing,” Jordan said.

Jordan then continued to state Trump is the only one, that he can see, that would be able to stick up to the “mean” left, and mentioned that we need someone with Trump’s business attitude in the “crazy business” they are in, meaning the business of politics.

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When Miller-Meeks was asked about her 2024 pick she stated she wasn’t ready to give her support to a candidate just yet. She also said she had asked Jordan about his own political ambitions and he stated he wasn’t quite ready to run for the office himself. She said, “(Jordan has) a lane that he really likes right now and he’s chairman of the (House Judiciary Committee) and on the Oversight Committee. It’s very important to him and it’s what he likes to do.”

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While they were in Iowa they discusses the importance of the state for caucusing purposes. Bringing light to the fact that Trump and multiple other rumored candidates would be making stops to the state in the near future.

According to the Iowa City Press-Citizen,

Trump and will soon visit Iowa to campaign. Several other potential candidates like former Vice President Mike Pence and U.S. Senator Tim Scott are hinting at runs while crisscrossing the state as the 2024 cycle begins in Iowa.

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  3. I definetly agree with Jim Jordon!!! President Trump has been an excellent President and will continue to be so!!
    I wish him many more years as Americas President!!!


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