Biden’s Latest MAGA Claim Will Make You Furious

Photo edit of President Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.
Biden staring into the abyss. Photo Edit/ Alexander J. Williams III/ Pop Acta

President Biden delivered a speech at a union training center in Philadelphia, where he contrasted his campaign agenda with Republican priorities. He called on Republicans in Congress to lay out their budget and to find common ground with the Democratic Party. During his speech, he criticized the Trump-supporting base of the Republican Party, stating that “MAGA Republicans are calling for defunding the police department.”

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Many commentators on social media criticized President Biden’s rhetoric as either uninformed or dishonest. Some accused him of lying, claiming that no MAGA Republican ever called for defunding the police. Others speculated that Biden either does not understand reality or is intentionally misleading the public.

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Former House candidate and author Josh Barnett accused Biden of lying and tweeted that “no MAGA Republican ever said to defund police!!! but we did say defund the crooked FBI til they stop attacking Americans for political retaliation.” Washington Examiner columnist Ian Haworth suggested that Biden was either out of touch with reality or intentionally lying through his teeth.

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  2. Biden will suffer vengeance of everlasting fire and brimstone in the lowest hottest hell and he deserves it.

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  4. “Find common ground,” “Compromise,” and “Give us totalitarian control” all have the same meaning in the Progressive dictionary. The Progressives have a self-endowed advantage the Conservatives can’t beat: They are zealots. They are religious fanatics. The never, ever give up. You will pe persecuted until you believe and prosecuted if you don’t. Like the six year Trump attack soap opera. It’s how Fascist regimes take over countries. If they can achieve the power they need, that overriding control just once, it takes a revolution to unseat them. They had it for sure and certain in 2016; They had Won! Hillary was the keystone of their arch of power. Then Trump happened to them. Small wonder they’ve demonized him with a (high cost) fiery passion ever since. “Common Ground” only exists when they’ve defeated the opposition. Is it even rational for biological males to compete in girl’s sports?


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