Jill Biden Gives Biological Male Women’s Award On International Women’s Day

Alba Rueda, Jill Biden, and Antony Blinken at Ceremony for International Women of Courage Event Award. Photo/Fox

This year on International Women’s Day, celebrated worldwide Wednesday March 8th, the White House hosted and awarded 11 “extraordinary women from around the world.” The Biden administration, represented at the event by First Lady Jill Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, awarded the 11 “women” with the annual International Women of Courage Award. However, one award recipient, Argentinian Alba Rueda, is actually a transgender – biological man. The administration and First LADY Jill Biden, are now being slammed for giving this man an award recognizing women on International Women’s Day.

Rueda was introduced at the ceremony as a “transgender woman who was kicked out of classrooms, barred for sitting for exams, refused job opportunities, subjected to violence, and rejected by her family. But in the face of these challenges, she worked to end violence and discrimination against the LGBTQ plus community in Argentina.” Rueda, according to Fox, currently serves as Argentina’s Special Envoy for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, where he works to “ actively campaigned to change the name of the National Women’s Conference to the ‘Plurinational Conference of Women and Lesbian, Cross-Dresser, Transgender, Bisexual, Intersex and Non-Binary Persons’ to include diverse, dissident, and racialized identities.’”

There has been a vast outcry over this man getting an award meant for women, especially women who face struggles only women can face.

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, R-Arkansas, was among the first to mention the situation. As she tweeted, “It’s International Women’s Day – a good time to remember that Democrats can’t even tell you what a woman is.”

Though many others weighed into the award and its recipient.

Buzz Patterson, a RedState columnist, and author summed it up best, writing “Nothing screams ‘International Women of Courage Award’ like a dude.”

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  2. This WOMAN is the worst “First LADY” since Obama’s wife. I think her “title” should be taken away because of her hitting REAL WOMEN in the gut by her evil and disgusting promotion of transgenderism. She’s another fake Catholic just like her excuse of a husband. Ultra Mega MAGA! LGB!

  3. Where are the NAGs, National Association of Gals, as Rush called the NOW, National Organization of Women. Where are all the feminazis? And what’s with the bimbos behind doctor wannabe Jill smiling. If they had any respect for their gender they would walk off stage but they don’t. This whole thing is a facade. Democrats don’t respect women, they don’t respect minorities. They only use people to further their own power grab in their twisted efforts to destroy our country.

    1. Agreed! The only thing Bumblehead has accomplished is ruining America. He’s done great at that – at the hands of his puppeteers.

  4. What an insult to all women. So, women cannot even have 1 month for themselves. There’s Black History Month, Arab American Heritage Month, Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, LGBT Month, & many more, I’m not going to name them all. But you cannot let a WOMAN have a month, you got to throw in Transsexuals, Men that want to pretend that they are women. Women have NO bathrooms, No locker rooms that they can go to now because of the pretend women. It’s not safe! It’s just a way for a man to get into women’s bathrooms, locker rooms so they can assault a woman and get away with it. Who the H### is letting this happen??? Nope no rights for women anymore. Women mean nothing to the woke and Democrats. Just so insulting to REAL WOMEN everywhere!

  5. Which one goes to the greater damnation and punishment in the lowest hottest hell, Biden or the vile filthy disgusting transfreak?

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