Exclusive Interview: Sean Spicer’s Future Plans Plus an Inside Look at 2024, Tucker Firing, and Title 42

Photo edit of Sean Spicer. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Sean Spicer. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Spicer’s Take on Trump, 2024, Identity Politics & Tucker Carlson.  Plus, what’s next following his departure from NewsMax! 

In an exclusive interview with Sean Spicer, a political strategist, television personality, and former White House Press Secretary, he shared his insights on various political topics. Spicer commented on Trump’s possible skipping of debates for the 2024 election, urging Republicans to focus on swing states and quality candidates for future Senate elections, and criticized the Equal Rights Amendment push and identity politics. Additionally, he expressed optimism about Tucker Carlson’s future following his dismissal from Fox News, highlighted the importance of border security amid the potential end to Title 42, and teased a future announcement after leaving Newsmax.

Spicer On Trump Possibly Skipping Debates for 2024 Election Victory

“For all intents and purposes, he’s in the defacto incumbent,” like many others, Mr. Spicer believes that Trump’s lead heading into 2024 is unlikely to be surpassed, and he doesn’t necessarily need the debates in order to secure a victory as the GOP nominee for the 2024 U.S. Presidental election.

Spicer expressed his belief that when considering Trump’s perspective, it may be unnecessary to provide his opponents with a platform to criticize Trump, especially when Trump is polling well ahead of them. As more candidates announce their intention to run for office, the first few debates may leave Trump sitting idle, waiting for questions to come his way.

Trump may prefer to wait until the competition intensifies and the less successful candidates drop out, allowing him to focus solely on those at the top. This strategy would enable him to avoid being criticized by his opponents until the race becomes more competitive.

Spicer Urges Focus on Swing States and Quality Candidates for Future Senate Elections

In the forthcoming 2024 election cycle, the outcome of Ohio, West Virginia, and Montana could significantly influence the balance of power towards the Republicans, as these states have recently upended Democratic statistics. These states were all formerly won by Trump but voted for Democratic senators in recent races.

Furthermore, Sinema’s decision to register as an independent may create an opportunity for Republicans to gain a foothold in Arizona. This move may have cost her a significant portion of her Democratic support base and potentially destabilized her position in Arizona, a crucial swing state in the presidential election.

Despite this, Spicer emphasized that “the quality of the candidate and the quality of the campaign does matter.” The 2022 midterm elections were disappointing for the Republicans, as Senate candidates in swing states were unable to secure victories, particularly in crucial swing states. Despite closely competing in their respective Senate races, Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania and former NFL star Herschel Walker in Georgia were unable to secure victories and lost to their Democratic opponents. As a result, there has been a growing demand for the Republican party to nominate the most competent and capable candidates to ensure future electoral success.

Looking ahead to the 2024 election and beyond, it is crucial for Republicans to prioritize the substance of their campaigns in key swing states. These are the areas where the most closely contested elections are likely to occur, and therefore, selecting the most effective and compelling candidates is essential for securing victory.

Spicer Criticizes Equal Rights Amendment Push and Identity Politics

During a discussion on the Equal Rights Amendment, Spicer raised constitutional concerns about the timing of passing the amendment. He questioned whether the legislative “process is intact or not” for an amendment initially drafted in 1972, especially seeing that discrimination has already been deemed illegal and all citizens are granted equal protection under the laws through the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. Spicer would go on to add:

“The amendment itself is a bit of a red herring, and discrimination is already illegal in the United States.”

Therefore, adding an amendment may not be necessary, especially when the current legal system is already equipped to protect citizens’ rights, regardless of their sex.

Spicer then added, “the left has mastered identity politics” and this is an “additional way to play into this.”

Spicer Optimistic About Tucker Carlson’s Future Following Fox News Firing

Discussing the recent firing of Tucker Carlson from his position as the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News, Spicer expressed uncertainty about the reasons for the dismissal. He remarked that it seems unlikely that anyone will ever know the true basis for the firing, saying:

“No one knows the basis of the firing, and I’m not sure if any of us ever will, and added that it feels as though “it appears that Tucker will end up on the winning end of this,” adding, “my hope is that he ends up pursuing an independent media avenue.” 

Spicer expressed optimism about Tucker Carlson’s future following his dismissal from Fox News, noting that Carlson will no longer have to contend with the “corporate restrictions” of working on television. It’s currently speculated that Carlson may consider working with streaming platforms such as Rumble in the future, however, the true motives behind Carlson’s firing may never be known.

Spicer Highlights Importance of Border Security Amid Potential End to Title 42

Spicer commented on the potential ending of Title 42, describing it as a crucial “pandemic/public health tool.” He also suggested that it could be a “cop-out for Republicans to continue to utilize it,” implying that it might be used to their political advantage. When discussing border security, Spicer emphasized the importance of protecting the border for national security and humanitarian purposes, saying:

“We should be protecting the border: cartels, fentanyl.”

“Humanitarian purposes are the reasons you should care – fentanyl, human trafficking, sex slaves.”

Spicer then asserted that securing the border is not a difficult task and suggested that the Joe Biden administration is intentionally failing to do so. He speculated that the left may intend to grant protected status to illegal immigrants and may even push for them to be given the right to vote in the near future.

Spicer then added, “Securing the border is not that difficult,” adding that the Joe Biden establishment is being “intentional,” with their actions. He speculated that the left may intend to grant protected status to illegal immigrants and may even make a legislative push for them to be given the right to vote in the future.

Spicer Teases Future Announcement Following Departure from Newsmax

After leaving Newsmax, Sean Spicer released a video statement in which he expressed hope that he would be able to make an announcement about his future moves.  Follow him for a big announcement in the next few weeks.

Spicer would go on to mention that he is “working on the details” and is excited about what’s next for him.

In the meantime, Spicer is keeping himself available on social media platforms, including YouTube under the username @SeanMSpicer, and Twitter under the handle @SeanSpicer, as he awaits his upcoming announcement about future endeavors.

Spicer Urges Republicans to Stay Focused

Spicer’s final thoughts were to emphasize the importance for Republicans to “keep their eye on the prize.”

Spicer expressed his belief that the Biden administration and his 2020 campaign were primarily focused on “style over substance.” He criticized President Biden for not living up to his adversarial role as a “healer,” suggesting that his policies have had a negative impact on the country and left us all worse off as a result.

Spicer noted that while some voters may not have preferred “President Trump’s style,” the economic metrics indicate that Donald Trump had a positive impact on the economy and safety of the country during his presidency. In contrast, Spicer suggested that President Biden’s time in office thus far has been damaging to the country as a whole.


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