Third World Nation: Biden’s Absence Amid Rising Border Crisis Concerns

Cartels, Fentanyl, and Trafficking: Border Crisis Worsen

Sleepy Joe is ditching America as more than 70,000 immigrants sit outside of our southern border just waiting for Title 42 to expire.  Where’s Joe?  Nowhere to be seen.  Perhaps he’s more concerned plotting heinous plans with Hunter on how to avoid child support payments and bail out of the infamous laptop investigations.  Yes, Joe is more concerned with keeping his head in the corruption game than about the national security and safety of our country. Title 42 was put into place during the pandemic.  The left, as always, is using COVID as an excuse to let in thousands upon thousands of undocumented immigrants into our God-fearing nation.  It’s ironic that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared an official end to the pandemic last Friday.  So why are we still dealing with a Title 42 immigration problem?  Because Sleepy Joe can’t keep up.

President Trump ripped into the Title 42 mess. 

Border Chief Alejandro Mayorkas held a press conference last week in which a reporter asked, “Can you explain why you’ve seen a big surge [of migrants] in the last couple of weeks?”

“It’s very difficult to identify the cause,” the pro-migration border chief responded to the reporter.”  What?  There have been many journalists who have exposed the cause of this surge.

Breitbart reports:A Venezuelan migrant named Daniel told the May 7 New York Times why he and many other Venezuelans are sneaking into the United States: “We just want to work.”

“The goal was to provide for the children a quality life and educational opportunities,” Venezuelan Abel Oviedo told He had settled in Colombia, and then moved to Peru, but started his family’s migration in late 2022. “I’m a hard worker,” Oviedo said.

Mayorkas’ claimed ignorance even though his agency has a 2023 budget of $175 billion. He works with intelligence and police agencies in the world’s superpower and is free to read the explanation by migrants such as Daniel and Oviedo, or by U.S. and foreign governments, media, academics, and businesses.

He said his border management is “all about achieving equity, which is really the core founding principle of our country.” Mayorkas’ demands imply equity between U.S. citizens and foreign citizens, and he has opened many loopholes for millions of economic migrants to cross into the United States.

In February 2023, Mayorkas said Congress’ laws are less important than his pro-migration priorities. “Our goal is to achieve operational control of the border … [with] policies that really advance the security of the border, and do not come at the cost of the values of our country,” he said.”

President Trump is right.  This country is about to become a third world nation.  Why?  Because the Democrats are focused more on equity than on securing our borders.  They focus more on using COVID as an excuse than on protecting the safety of our country.  When they let our borders open, there will be over 70,000 migrants rushing in.  They will bring with them fentanyl and they will attack our children with human trafficking.  The cartels will become the Democrats hit men.  This is a national security issue that needs to be addressed immediately.  But where’s Joe?  Asleep at the wheel.

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