Breaking: Trump FIRES BACK After E. Jean Carroll Verdict

Photo edit of President Donald Trump. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.
Photo edit of President Donald Trump. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

Trump Responds to Verdict of E. Jean Carroll Case on Truth Social

Former President Donald Trump has responded to the verdict of the case filed by E. Jean Carroll through his social media platform, Truth Social. Trump expressed his lack of knowledge about the accuser, referring to the accusation as false and fabricated, and expressed hope for justice to be served on appeal.


Trump’s initial statement was made soon after the trial where he claimed that he had no idea who the woman was and referred to the verdict as a disgrace, continuing to label the investigation as the greatest witch hunt ever.


Jury Finds Trump Liable for Sexual Abuse and Defamation in E. Jean Carroll Case

Following a two-week trial, yesterday, a jury reached a verdict in the trial involving E. Jean Carroll, a former journalist and author, and former President Donald Trump. Although the jury did not find Trump guilty of rape, the most serious accusation made against him. However, he was found liable for both sexually abusing and defaming Carroll. The decision was reached after a mere three hours of deliberation. The verdict is civil, not criminal, meaning that Trump will not face any imprisonment.

As a result of the verdict, it was announced yesterday that Carroll will receive $5,000,000 in damages.

Carroll had accused Trump of raping her in a Manhattan department store dressing room between 1995 and 1996. During a deposition, Trump referred to Carroll’s accusation as a “hoax” and claimed that she was “not his type.”

Questions Surround E. Jean Carroll’s Credibility Following Anderson Cooper Interview

During her previous appearance on Anderson Cooper’s talk show, Carroll made comments that cast doubt on her credibility by suggesting a non-traditional interpretation of the term “rape.” She asserted that “most people think of rape as being sexy” and encouraged listeners to “think about the fantasies.” These remarks have caused many to question the legitimacy of her allegation against Donald Trump.

Trump responded to the viral clip on Truth Social, stating that he listened to the Anderson Cooper tape of the Carroll interview where she said “rape is sexy,” and other incriminating remarks. He claimed that he does not know Carroll and never met her, except on a crowded celebrity photo line, and believes that she is not credible or convincing to a Judge & Jury. Trump questioned why Cooper suddenly called for a commercial break and why Carroll seemed to be a different person after the break, suggesting that something may have occurred during the break to cause such a drastic change.

“After listening to the Anderson Cooper tape of the Carroll interview where she said “rape is sexy,” and other totally incriminating things, it is not possible to believe that this woman, who I do not know and have never met before (except on a crowded celebrity photo line), could be credible or convincing to a Judge & Jury. Why did Cooper SUDDENLY call for a commercial break, and why was Carroll a totally different person after the break? What took place during the break for such drastic change?”


  1. i don’t know if touching a person in a private area can be called rape even if he did do that. Rape is penetration in my book. I don’t beleive he would do any such thing being he has such a beautiful and sexy wife. I think this is a witch hunt to get him stopped from runing for a new term. I will vote for him and did vote for him before 2 times. One when he won and one when he lost to BIden who has no business running this country. He is giving us away to China and Russia. Biden not only is loosing his memory but is also a crook along with his son. We need Biden out of office and Trump back it to get us back on the right track.

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  5. IF the accusations of E. Jean Carroll against Donald J Trump are true, then WHY DID SHE WAIT FOR SO MANY YEARS TO DECIDE TO TAKE HIM TO COURT OVER THIS? if this really did happen, one would think she would have been wise to report it to the police at that time, providing PROOF of this having taken place. And a friend testifying on her behalf – how was she involved? How did she know? Was she there and did she witness it happening? Or lying to help Jean with her case. Where is or what was the PROOF of her accusations? Besides this having happened years ago – according to Carroll – then between Carroll, any ‘witness’ and the infamous ‘judge’, this SMELLS OF A DIRTY DEMOCRAT ATTEMPT TO PERSUADE AMERICANS, ESPECIALLY AVID SUPPORTERS OF TRUMP, to turn their backs on him. And if that is the reason for her accusations, then she is no better than the others who have committed treason, fraud, etc against ‘We the People’ and our nation.


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