Obama Reveals The 1 Thing Keeping Him Awake At Night

Photo edit of President Barack Obama. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of President Barack Obama. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

During a recent interview on “CBS Mornings,” former President Barack Obama faced ridicule following his statement about a “divided media” causing sleepless nights. Obama voiced his concerns about the current state of the media landscape, emphasizing how individuals now seem to inhabit separate realities due to the proliferation of news outlets. He contrasted this with an earlier era when the three major TV stations offered a shared understanding of truth. However, the emergence of networks like Fox News and Newsmax has introduced a wider range of perspectives and diverse opinions for those seeking alternative viewpoints.

The idea that the mere existence of a free press and the exercise of free speech could cause sleepless nights for a former President is an idea that the majority of the country disagrees with. The fundamental belief in the importance of a free press and the freedom of speech stands in stark contrast to Obama’s expressed concerns, leading to widespread dissent among the populace.

According to Fox News:

Former President Barack Obama was ridiculed Tuesday for saying a “divided media” keeps him up at night in a recent interview.

“The thing that I’m most worried about is the degree to which we’ve now had a divided conversation, in part because we have a divided media,” he said. “When I was coming up, you had three TV stations. And people were getting a similar sense of what is true and what isn’t, what was real and what was not. Today, what I’m most concerned about is the fact that because of the splintering of the media, we almost occupy different realities. Now, people will say, ‘Well, that didn’t happen, or I don’t believe that.'”

Watters roasted the former president for his answer on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” saying it’s not China, fentanyl, or “dirty nukes,” but a “divided media” that keeps him awake.

“But seriously, Barack Obama can’t sleep at night because he doesn’t control every single media outlet? He’s mad the CIA can’t spoon-feed lies to the three big networks anymore? Obama’s not getting his beauty rest because the American voters actually have access to more information?” Watters asked.

Undoubtedly, it’s incredibly stale, especially for a former President like Obama, to lose sleep over the divergence of opinions in the media. Nevertheless, the mere contemplation of the right-wing perspectives propagated by networks such as Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, and similar outlets instills a sense of apprehension within Obama. The influence and reach of these right-wing networks, along with their ability to shape public discourse, exacerbate Obama’s concerns as the major legacy networks can’t continue to propel Democrats.

  1. ….and I’m saying it is about time that the American public has choices in the SLANT that the news media are presenting….

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  3. Perfectly captures the mindset of a dictator – the first priority is to control the information available to the peasants.


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