Sen. Grassley Accuses FBI of Shielding Biden, Undermining Democracy

Photo edit of President Biden and Hunter Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of President Biden and Hunter Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

On Wednesday evening, a major incident took place in the war of words between conservatives and the current administration. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, blasted the FBI on Fox News Channel’s “Jesse Watters Tonight,” for purportedly protecting President Biden. This accusation has fueled the ongoing controversy surrounding the current administration and their questionable practices.

FNC’s Jesse Watters sought Grassley’s insights into the FBI’s seeming reluctance to aid House investigations into potential malfeasance by President Biden and his kin. What came next was a stunning display of unflinching criticism.

FNC’s Jesse Watters initiated the conversation by saying:

“Senator Chuck Grassley, you are a steadfast individual. You possess patience and have navigated these waters before. Do you believe that the Department of Justice and the FBI are being insincere?”

Grassley responded, saying:


“Before anything else, I want to acknowledge Congressman Comer for his invaluable collaboration on this matter. Without his input, our current understanding of the FBI’s involvement would be incomplete.”

Continuing to articulate his thoughts, Grassley stated:

“To answer your query, we possess an unclassified record. The FBI identifies our informant as credible, given the six-figure sum they’ve paid this individual over time. I have a long-standing reputation for championing whistleblowers, and we will persist until we secure this record. Indeed, I am convinced that the FBI is deliberately obstructing transparency to safeguard President Biden. The contents of this record stem from dependable whistleblowers, individuals safeguarded under the Whistleblower Protection Law. We need to unearth the truth and we are committed to obtaining this document.”

Reacting to the assertions, Watters posed a sensitive question:

“Senator Grassley, we’re getting information that the FBI is suggesting this whistleblower could be in mortal danger if the document in question is released. How does that impact you?”

Grassley responded resolutely:

“Let’s view it in this context — the FBI appears to be diminishing the role of Congress. The New York Times was given a classified document on May 18, along with the name of a confidential informant. Were they concerned about the potential assassination of this individual? I believe this is nothing more than a diversion.”

The lack of consideration for Congress by the FBI and the blatant application of double standards reveal a disturbing trend within the Biden administration. Despite promises of transparency, their practices are shrouded in obscurity. The actions of this administration continue to undermine public faith, fostering severe apprehensions about the democratic process. Their persistent targeting of political rivals, coupled with alleged attempts to conceal their own misdeeds, only adds to these concerns.

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