RFK’s Unexpected Defense of Trump Rattles NewsNation Town Hall

Photo edit of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

In an electrifying NewsNation town hall, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appealed to a cross-section of viewers by taking an unexpected stance towards his potential 2024 rivals, including former President Donald Trump. A moment of profound anticipation emerged when Kennedy was asked about Trump’s supposed “demagoguery.” However, Kennedy, to widespread astonishment, deflected the inquiry, earning a mix of gasps and applause.

Kennedy, with a cunning grin, boldly stated, “I’m not going to attack other people personally.” Remarkably, he expressed respect for President Trump, stating that Trump “likes” him, hinting at an unusual camaraderie between the two. This wasn’t the end of Kennedy’s savvy politicking.

Later in the town hall, Kennedy expressed admiration for President Joe Biden, despite being in contention with him. Defiantly, he proposed, “We’ve got to stop hating on each other.” This statement cemented Kennedy’s image as a nonconformist, unafraid to buck the typical antagonistic political trends.

Kennedy provided an intriguing analysis of Trump as a so-called demagogue, a leader accused of exploiting public fears for personal benefit. Recognizing the middle-class disenchantment that contributed to Trump’s ascendancy, Kennedy wisely cautioned against oversimplifying Trump’s role and appeal.

In a candid conversation with USA TODAY, Kennedy advised, “Dehumanizing one’s opponents only exacerbates our country’s divisions and incites potential violence.” This nuanced perspective earned Kennedy admiration from an unexpected array of supporters.

Even with scrutiny for his controversial stance on vaccines, Kennedy garnered praise from a diverse audience, including Trump loyalists, independents, and celebrities. This highlights the unique, cross-appeal of his political persona.

  1. He is a Kennedy and a democrat but he’d be much better than biden. I also don’t think, he’d be a lefty.

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    2. RFK Jr. seems to me as an old line liberal who, like his father and uncle John, doesn’t see Republicans as his enemy, but rather as his opponents whom he disagrees with. That is how it used to work and worked quite well. But then along came politicians like his murdering uncle Ted and lines were drawn.

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