Ginsburg Slams 9th Circuit While Overturning Immigration Ruling

  • 2020-05-07
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Ginsburg Slams 9th Circuit While Overturning Immigration Ruling
Liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg slammed the 9th Cuicuit while she was overturning a ridiculous immigration ruling that they made.

According to Fox News:

Authoring a unanimous Supreme Court opinion, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg tore into the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for "drastically" straying from judicial norms when hearing a case involving a California immigration consultant.

After Evelyn Sineneng-Smith had been convicted of violating a federal law related to encouraging illegal immigration, the Ninth Circuit reversed the decision, not based on arguments presented by Sineneng-Smith, but by third parties the court brought in to submit arguments that the panel of judges themselves had suggested.

"[T]he appeals panel departed so drastically from the principle of party presentation as to constitute an abuse of discretion," Ginsburg wrote, later stating that "a court is not hidebound by the precise arguments of counsel, but the Ninth Circuit’s radical transformation of this case goes well beyond the pale."

The Supreme Court sent the case back down the Ninth Circuit "for reconsideration ... bearing a fair resemblance to the case shaped by the parties."

The court gave Sineneng-Smith's team 10 minutes for arguments while giving the organizations they recruited to submit arguments 20 minutes.

The 9th Circuit essentially directed the outcome of a case while trying to be impartial jurists.

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 Source: TTN

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