Trump Team Member Dr. Birx Slams Media Over Unfounded Panic

  • 2020-03-27
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Trump Team Member Dr. Birx Slams Media Over Unfounded Panic
Dr. Deborah Birx, the leader of the coronavirus task force, has a new message for the media who are trying to create panic. Stop.

According to Town Hall:

During the coronavirus taskforce briefing on Thursday, Dr. Deborah Birx rebuked much of the media's panic reporting about the number of estimated deaths related to the coronavirus and the state of America's medical supplies. 

Despite clamorous reports about a shortage of medical supplies in New York, Dr. Birx said her colleagues in the state have reassured her that ICU beds are still readily available and more than a thousand ventilators remain unused. Dr. Birx then took the press to task for their hysterical reporting.  

"Please, for the reassurance of people around the world," Dr. Birx begged the press corps, "to wake up this morning and look at people talking about creating DNR situations, do not resuscitate situations for patients, there is no situation in the United States right now that warrants that kind of discussion."

Dr. Birx said the coronavirus cases are currently concentrated in urban areas and the focus should be on getting medical resources into those areas from nearby parts of the state that are unaffected by the virus or from other places in the United States. Nearly 40 percent of the country, 19 out of 50 states, have reported early cases of the Wuhan coronavirus but, despite continued testing, are maintaining extraordinarily low numbers of infections, according to Dr. Birx. About 86 percent of people presenting with "significant symptoms" continue to test negative for the virus. 

The media has continued to push doomsday scenarios about what could happen leading Dr. Birx to have to consistently push back on their predictions.

 Source: TTN

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