1.) Cancer

  • 2018-03-14
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
1.) Cancer

The CDC reports that 595,930 Americans died of cancer in 2016. That's 54 times more people than were a victim of non-suicidal gun violence. Those poor folks weren't all smokers, either. The following is an abridged list of things that cause cancer, which should be the object of protest by students:

Tobacco smoking; Sunlamps and sunbeds; Aluminium production; Arsenic in drinking water; Auramine production; Boot and shoe manufacture and repair; Chimney sweeping; Coal gasification; Coal tar distillation; Coke (fuel) production
Furniture and cabinet making;Secondhand smoke; Iron and steel founding; Magenta dye manufacturing; Occupational exposure as a painter; Paving and roofing with coal-tar pitch Rubber industry; fungi.
 Alcoholic beverages; Areca nut - often chewed with betel leaf; Betel quid without tobacco; Betel quid with tobacco; Coal tars; Indoor emissions from household combustion of coal; Diesel exhaust; Mineral oils; Chinese-style salted fish; Shale oils; Soots; Smokeless tobacco products; Wood dust; Processed meat; Asbestos; Arsenic and arsenic compounds; Benzene; Cadmium and cadmium compounds; Contraceptives, hormonal, combined forms (those containing both oestrogen and a progestogen); Contraceptives, oral; Formaldehyde; Mustard gas; Neutron radiation; Nickel compounds; Outdoor air pollution; Particulate matter in outdoor air pollution; Radon-222 and its decay products; Silica; Solar radiation; Talc containing asbestiform fibres; Ultraviolet radiation; X-radiation and gamma radiation.


 Source: TTN

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