Here is Who Cuomo has Blamed for HIS Deadly Mistake

Kimon Berlin / CC BY-SA (

Thousands have died due to Chirs Cuomo’s inability to lead during a time of crisis, rather than take the blame and work on getting better he has shifted the blame on to many others. This is grossly irresponsible and he needs to be held responsible for what has happened. If Cuomo was more focused on the State of New York instead of playing political games New York would be in a better palace. Here is who Cuomo is blaming for his disaster: 



  1. At least get the correct Cuomo to bash. Chris works for CNN, brother Andrew is the poor excuse of a governor of New York.

  2. Horrid journalism! Both Cuomo’s are also horrid, but I’m nit reading the opinion of a “news org.” that doesn’t know which Cuomo is governor…


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