MESSY: Fox News Lawsuit Explodes

MESSY: Fox News Lawsuit Explodes
The sexual-harassment lawsuit filed last year by former Fox News personality Andrea Tantaros against the network’s executives has morphed into a lawsuit about the lawsuit, with Fox News now filing its own counterclaim.
Tantaros is reportedly seeking as much as $23 million and an additional $26 million in punitive damages, plus attorney fees.
Last month, Tantaros filed a second action, accusing Fox News of a campaign of harassment and “digital character assassination,” using online social-media “sockpuppets,” whose “coded” comments, she claimed, showed she had been hacked by the network.

Fox News lawyers fired back Wednesday with their own countersuit, calling Tantaros’ new claims a “hoax” and seeking sanctions against her attorney, saying he had falsely accused Fox News of criminal conduct “to generate negative headlines for, and inflict maximum damage on, Fox News.”


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