Anti-Trump History Book Being Pushed To High Schools

  • 2018-04-16
  • Source: Fox News
  • by: Caleb Parke
Anti-Trump History Book Being Pushed To High Schools
By Infrogmation (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

A new Advanced Placement honors American history textbook has not been distributed to students yet but it’s already stirring controversy for being anti-Trump and suggesting his supporters are angry xenophobes.

A student at Rosemount High School in Minnesota, who saw a copy of the book sent to her school, told Fox News she was “appalled” after seeing how “blatantly biased” the newest edition of “By the People: A History of the United States” was toward Trump and his voters. She said it also glossed over all issues then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton faced during her campaign.  

"There are specific parts where it goes off the rails from a historical textbook toward an op-ed," she told Fox News.
The textbook – published by British-owned, Pearson Education, and authored by New York University professor James Fraser – is currently being pitched to public high schools in an effort to get them to buy the latest edition.
 Source: Fox News

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