BREAKING Trump Launches Strike Against Syria

  • Source: TTN
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BREAKING Trump Launches Strike Against Syria


President Trump just announced our military is taking action this evening.

  He also said the US does not seek a permanent presence.

The Daily Caller noted:

In his announcement, Trump noted that precision strikes were targeting Assad’s chemical weapons facilities in retaliation for a Saturday attack on civilians. The U.S., Britain, and France reiterated in the days before the strike that they had confirmed the use of chemical weapons by Assad.

At 9:10 PM Eastern, Fox News reported that bombs are being heard dropping in Syria.

Additionally, Jon Lemire from the AP is reporting the bombs as well. Some members of Congress were less enthused than others:

The Pentagon plans to give a briefing at 10 PM regarding the attack.

We will continue to update the post as new information becomes available.

 Source: TTN

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