Conservatives Are Under Attack

Conservatives Are Under Attack
By Daniel Parks from Berkeley, United States (Fingers Up) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
When North Carolina recently enacted the Restore Campus Free Speech Act—affirming the right to individual expression on campuses statewide—conservatives everywhere breathed a sigh of relief. The silencing of conservative thought in academia has grown so deafening that the House Oversight Committee held a hearing solely dedicated to free speech at the end of July.

But while the “progressive” Left wages an overt war on free speech on college campuses, they’re quietly winning a covert war on conservative thought. Bolstered by the left-leaning mainstream media, the Left’s strategy can be boiled down into three steps.


The Left and their media allies have defined “fake news” as information they feel promotes a particular worldview that is not their own. Of course, they have largely manufactured the term to wield as a club against conservatives.

In his most recent skit, HBO host John Oliver went after Infowars, calling it “the QVC for conspiracy.” Earlier in July, Oliver mocked Sinclair Broadcast Group for “dip[ping] below the journalistic standards of Breitbart.” He’s repeatedly targeted Breitbart for churning out supposedly sensationalist headlines.

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