Dems Pick Illegals Over Safety Of Citizens

  • 2018-06-28
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Dems Pick Illegals Over Safety Of Citizens
User:Kinghitmanlane/sandbox, from Wikimedia Commons
Immigration policy has always been a contested debate in Washington, but the Democrats have decided have taken it to the extreme. Deciding to side with illegals instead of American citizens by calling for ICE to be abolished.

According to Fox News:

Democratic lawmakers and candidates are increasingly seeking the elimination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement as part of their suite of demands in D.C.'s heated border battle. 

The calls reflect not only the deepening divide between the two partisan poles on immigration -- with one side seeking a border wall, and the other looking to dismantle the lead enforcement agency -- but the growing influence of the progressive wing. 

More and more Democratic politicians have embraced such causes as 'Medicare for all' and a federal jobs guarantee. Now, they're getting behind the call to abolish ICE, with gusto.

Perhaps no 2018 moment better captured that growing influence than liberal primary challenger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's shocking victory Tuesday night over Rep. Joseph Crowley, D-N.Y., a member of party leadership.

Instead of working with Republicans to fix the broken immigration system, the Democrats are moving further left, and obstructing every chance they get.

 Source: TTN

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