Fake News Lie About Trump Debunked

  • 2018-06-12
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
The media takes every opportunity it gets to say bad things about President Trump, even if they have to make it up. This time it was about what was discussed during the meeting between Kim Jong Un and President Trump.

According to Town Hall:

Yesterday ahead of President Trump's meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, NBC News reported the issue of human rights would not be discussed at the summit as an issue.


But it turns out, the issue was discussed and will be again in the future.

"It was discussed.  It will be discussed more in the future -- human rights," Trump said. "It was discussed. It was discussed relatively briefly compared to denuclearization. Well, obviously, that’s where we started and where we ended.  But they will be doing things, and I think he wants to do things."

North Korea's human rights abuses are the worst in the world, as detailed by a 2014 United Nations investigation.

Trump has discussed this issue at length. Even bringing it up in a State of the Union address. [Video Above] This is just another attack by the liberal media who can't seem to shake their hatred for the president.

 Source: TTN

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