GAME CHANGER Election Eve Surprise Emerges in Pennsylvania

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GAME CHANGER Election Eve Surprise Emerges in Pennsylvania

Pelosi-backed Democrat Conor Lamb looks to have broken federal law. The Western Journal has the story. 

"A pro-Trump super PAC has filed a Federal Election Commission complaint against Pennsylvania U.S. House candidate Democrat Conor Lamb, alleging unlawful coordination between outside groups and his campaign.
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According to the complaint filed Monday by the Committee to Defend the President, Lamb unlawfully signed multiple emails for the liberal super PAC End Citizens United, which directed recipients to fundraising pages soliciting contributions that were not for his campaign committee. The scheme appears to violate FEC anti-coordination provisions between PACs and political campaigns, as well as election cycle limitations on contributions candidates can receive and disclaimer requirements. FEC rules provide that federal candidates can receive $2,700 for each primary election and general election cycle in 2018.
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'Despite touting his experience as a former Assistant United States Attorney to win votes, Conor Lamb’s dedication to law and order apparently ends when the law poses an obstacle to campaign fundraising,' Committee to Defend the President attorney Peter Mangini stated. 'Lamb’s desperate bid to bolster his flailing campaign through a last-minute fundraising appeal not only violates federal campaign finance law, but also reminds Pennsylvanians that he is the wrong man for the job,' he added. "

Coordination is a big no-no in campaign finance law. Lamb has brought in massive amounts of outside money, prompting President Trump to come in to give his support to Lamb's Republican opponent, Rick Saccone. The election will be held Tuesday. 
 Source: TTN

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