Get Used To Conservative Outsiders

  • 11/01/2017
  • Source: Fox News
  • by: Ed Rollins
Get Used To Conservative Outsiders

One year after President Trump’s “drain the swamp” message propelled him to the White House, the political establishment—Democrat and Republican—is finally seeing the writing on the wall. Their days of comfort are numbered.  

While the liberal media portrays Sen. Jeff Flake’s (R-AZ) recent resignation as martyrdom, the Arizona senator’s downfall is just the latest victory for President Trump—and his coalition of nearly 63 million Americans. To quote Senator Flake, Trump supporters have one word for entrenched Washington insiders masquerading as conservative reformers: “Enough.” They are rising today to say “enough” to do-nothing Republicans who have made it their mission to undermine the president’s agenda, rather than doing their part to grow the U.S. economy and make America a stronger, safer, and freer country.

In the words of Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC): Republicans who oppose the Trump agenda have “become part of the swamp.” He recently criticized Republicans like Senator Flake for “abandoning the conservative principles that got [them] elected.”

Don’t be fooled: Senator Flake resigned because he saw the writing on the wall. His conservative challenger, Kelli Ward, was leading in their head-to-head matchup by nearly 30 percentage points. Not only was Flake expected to lose in a general election, but he could not compete against a Republican primary opponent with unquestionable conservative bona fides—ironically, the same bo[na]fides Flake possessed before Washington changed him. 
 Source: Fox News

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