High Ranking Republican Strongly Defends Trump

High Ranking Republican Strongly Defends Trump
House Budget Committee Chairman Diane Black sharply responded to Sen. Bob Corker’s insistence that the White House is an adult daycare center for President Donald Trump.

On Hugh Hewitt’s radio show on Tuesday, Rep. Black, who is running for governor of Tennessee, said that the Senate is the real adult daycare because its members can’t get anything done.

“Look, if you talk about an adult daycare center, I’m sorry, but I think the Senate is an adult daycare center,” she asserted. “They can’t get anything done over there. We have been waiting for repeal and replace. We voted for it 60 times, and you tell me you can’t give me a product to at least give to us so we can go to conference?”

Rep. Black also said that she doesn’t appreciate Corker’s comments because she doesn’t find them to be productive.
 Source: Daily Caller

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