HYPOCRITE MEDIA Who Attacked Trump Are Silent On This Major Dem Donor Scandal

  • 10/06/2017
  • Source: Town Hall
  • by: Guy Benson
HYPOCRITE MEDIA Who Attacked Trump Are Silent On This Major Dem Donor Scandal
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Yes, the bombshell New York Times story only dropped yesterday, but you'd think that America's Pope and his merry band of late night comics who pelted Donald Trump, Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly over allegations of rampant sexual harassment would want to signal their horror at the exploitation of women by a rich, powerful man.  Plus, there's plenty of Weinstein-related material now available to whip up some biting comedy, too, if they're still interested in that sort of thing.  Some curious viewers tuned in last night to see how each major host would handle and skewer the ignominious fall of one of the most influential (and ostentatiously liberal) men in show biz.  Crickets:  

Perhaps -- under some outside pressure, and having taken the temperature of the situation within elite Hollywood circles -- they'll pounce tonight. Regardless, now that Weinstein's sordid practices are out in the open, people are coming out of the woodwork to refer to the allegations as one of the "worst kept secrets" in the industry.  Many people apparently knew full well that he was a creep, and that treated women this way, for decades.  Yet he was feted, awarded, and applauded in those same glamorous cliques because he could make and break careers.  Plus, he was a cash cow for progressive politicians; his big money bought him lots of access with Team Obama (who aggressively pursued the "war on women" line of attack against Republicans):
Did the lefty politicians who were delighted to take his cash know about his...methods?  Will they send his money back?  And why, beyond craven self-interest and ideological solidarity, didn't anyone inside the bubble blow the whistle on someone whose conduct was extremely similar to that of men from whom they (understandably) recoiled in disgust and loudly denounced?  Good question:
Many of the replies to this Times reporter's tweet are from outraged liberals yelling about how a movie producer isn't the same as a president.  That's obviously true, but are politicians the only people worthy of scrutiny, and whose abusive conduct is newsworthy?  How many of those whining at Burns today would agree that O'Reilly or Ailes should have gotten a pass?  Also, how many of them eagerly voted for Bill Clinton?  One last question: What did Kimmel et al know, and then did they know it?  Considering that Kimmel's whole job -- aside from lecturing and shaming Americans about politics, and sometimes making jokes -- is gabbing with celebrities, it seems somewhat likely that he'd at least have heard whispers over the years.  As the country's self-appointed moral compass, did he have any obligation to help drain his own swamp as he hands down political pronouncements from his enlightened perch?  Or would rocking that particular boat have risked alienating Weinstein, and complicating his own career?  (He's done bits with Weinstein on his show).  If that's the case, it's a good thing he's not a conservative political figure, or Jimmy Kimmel might have some very harsh things to say about him in his next clapter-filledmonologue.  Oh well.  I'll leave you with Jim in his comfort zone:
 Source: Town Hall

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