Hypocrite Pocahontas SLAMS Trump

  • 2018-02-14
  • Source: TTN
  • by: Donny Bomenabori
Hypocrite Pocahontas SLAMS Trump

The President grabbed headlines sometime back when he took a jab at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) calling her, "Pocahontas". This references her defrauding Harvard University and the voters of Massachusetts by representing herself as a Cherokee because she has a family with "high cheekbones", making her the first trans-racial Senator. She wasn't too happy about the President's joke.
“Now we have a president who can’t make it through a ceremony honoring Native American war heroes without reducing Native history, Native culture, Native people to the butt of a joke. The joke, I guess, is supposed to be on me."
She added: “Our country’s disrespect of Native people didn’t start with President Trump.”  She went on to claim that the Pocahontas story is supposed to "bleach the stain of white genocide". 
Warren also called it “deeply offensive” that Trump keeps a portrait of former President Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office, “honoring a man who did his best to wipe out Native people.” Fox noted in their story that Jackson's memory didn't seem to bother her much when she attended a dinner bearing his name in 2015. Elizabeth Warren can channel the outrage of other people all she likes. She is by some reports, one-thirty-second Native American; that still makes her thirty-one thirty-seconds a fraud, and Trump called her out for it. We are looking forward to watching her crumble to Trump in 2020.

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 Source: TTN

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