Illegal Immigrants Vow To Jump Trump's Wall

  • 2018-03-13
  • Source: Yahoo
  • by: Yemeli Ortega
Illegal Immigrants Vow To Jump Trump's Wall
Tijuana (Mexico) (AFP) - Eladio Sanchez is unimpressed by the eight border wall prototypes looming over his house in Tijuana, Mexico, almost within spitting distance of where US President Donald Trump will visit Tuesday.

At age 30, he has already snuck over the border several times, and doesn't expect Trump's wall will have much effect on undocumented migrants like him.

Pointing to the only prototype with an angular barrier at the top -- a concrete structure built by Texas Sterling Construction Company -- Sanchez says that one might slow him down a little more than the others.

But, he told AFP, "you can get over it anyway."
 Source: Yahoo

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