Is the Media Hiding This Trump Success?

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Is the Media Hiding This Trump Success?
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Anti-Trump media reports have been hyping the President's tariffs as if they are going to cause an economic meltdown. As you would expect, there's more to this story. From the Wall Street Journal

"United States Steel Corp. n Wednesday said it would fire up a blast furnace in Granite City, Ill., and call back 500 workers. Century Aluminum Co.  said last week it will restart lines at a smelter in Kentucky that have been curtailed since 2015, doubling its workforce there to 600."
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"In Granite City, a town of some 30,000 just across the state line from St. Louis, the local United Steelworkers office was flooded with calls on Wednesday from former U.S. Steel workers asking how they could get their jobs back. Many who didn’t retire when the plant was idled found jobs at nearby manufacturers or a retail distribution center. Union officials said those jobs often paid only half of what workers made at the steel mill. 'They’re all ready to come back,' said Dan Simmons, president of United Steelworkers local 1899."

The people who benefit from the status quo aren't too happy with President Trump's tariffs. But for people in steel towns all across America, they are thrilled to be back in the game, as suddenly the government is fighting back against unfair trade practices that put them out of work. New plants are already in the works in Missouri and Oklahoma, with more to come as President Trump fights to make America great again. 
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