Liberal Media Forced To ADMIT Pelosi Is A Liar

  • 2018-02-02
  • Source: TTN
  • by: Donny Bomenabori
Liberal Media Forced To ADMIT Pelosi Is A Liar

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has achieved what no other Trump era policy has done: good press. The Associated Press had to acknowledge, albeit begrudgingly, that middle-income people are getting more take-home pay. Essentially eviscerating Nancy Pelosi’s narrative that the tax cuts only help the rich.
While the article pried some good news out of the AP with a crowbar, they still had to mix in class warfare narratives about "crumbs" and corporate greed. It also inadvertently put the lie to fake Democrat talking points and showed that working people are benefiting from the law.  
"According to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, a middle-income household would on average get a tax cut of $930 this year, lifting their after-tax income by about 1.6 percent," the AP reported. That might be "crumbs" to wealthy swamp-dwellers like Nancy Pelosi, but in real America, that pays bills. 
With the Tax Cut and Jobs Act spurring wage growth, by giving corporations the resources to invest in their workforce, suddenly the law is bigger than the extra money in paychecks; it means that we are in a virtuous cycle, where employers are competing for labor, rather than labor competing for jobs as was the norm under Obama. Democrats will have a lot of explaining to do for opposing that.

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 Source: TTN

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