LOL Trump Cracks Joke About Media to Their Kids During Halloween Party

Several children of the White House Press Corp aka the Media brought their kids to the White House for "bring your kids to work day".

Some of the media's children had the tremendous opportunity to visit President Trump at his Oval Office in their Halloween costumes.

While they visited Trump, he made a joke that their parents probably won't find funny (video above via NBC News).

He said, "I cannot believe the media produced such beautiful children. How the media did this I don't know!"

"Ohhhh, You're going to grow up to be like your parents," he asked. "Mmmmm, don't answer. That could only get me in trouble."

While the media may not find any humor in this, we sure enjoy seeing the President have some light-hearted fun.

Happy Halloween, Trump Train!
 Source: Trump Train News

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