Mainstream Media Creates Fake Melania Scandal

  • 2018-06-04
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Mainstream Media Creates Fake Melania Scandal
Led by CNN, mainstream media has decided to create something out of nothing. All are pushing stories claiming First Lady Melania Trump is nowhere to be found. There is only one problem with that. There are reports of her being spotted at the White House.

According to Fox News:

CNN and other mainstream media outlets are painting first lady Melania Trump as “missing in action” despite being spotted by at least one reporter and being scheduled to appear at a White House event on Monday evening.

News broke on Sunday night that the first lady will not join her husband at the G7 summit in Quebec later this week and there are "no plans" for her to travel to Singapore to meet with North Korea's leader later this month. This was used as the impetus by CNN to harp on her recent absence from the public eye following a mid-May kidney procedure.

CNN’s “Reliable Sources” newsletter led with a giant graphic of a calendar, placing question marks on each date since Mrs. Trump was “last seen” on May 10. Beneath the graphic, the newsletter specifically stated that she is expected to attend an event on Monday to honor Gold Star families.

“BUT BUT: The event is closed to the press, so Monday evening may not resolve the mystery,” CNN’s Brian Stelter wrote. He made a similar argument on Twitter, writing “if the event is closed press, it means the ‘Melania hasn't been seen in public’ issue will linger.”

It looks like the mainstream media will stop at nothing to find a story, even when there isn't one. Some of the attacks even turned disgusting and personal:
  The First Lady's privacy should be respected, not treated as a launching point for innuendo and false claims.

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 Source: TTN

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