Potentially MASSIVE Voter Fraud Uncovered in Crucial Swing State

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Potentially MASSIVE Voter Fraud Uncovered in Crucial Swing State

An alarming and potentially massive voter fraud attempt may have taken place in New Hampshire, the Washington Times reports.

According to the new piece by Rowan Scarborough at Washington Times, over 6,000 people registered to vote in New Hampshire for November 2016's election using out-of-state driver's licenses.

Liberals and Hillary Clinton voters will dismiss this number as minuscule, but let's take a minute to put it into perspective.

New Hampshire had 1,007,402 registered voters on election day. 6,000 voters is .06% of the electorate.

Too small to make a difference? Think again.

743,117 people actually voted on election day and Donald Trump narrowly lost to Hillary Clinton in the state by a margin of 2,736 votes.

While the election didn't come down to New Hampshire, the Granite state very well could have been the deciding factor in the election with a few changes to the map.

Now we can't say with certainty this was some malicious attempt to swing the election, but when liberals dismiss voter fraud as a "right-wing" conspiracy remind them of this scenario.

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