Melania Issues Statement On Ivana Calling Herself 'First Lady'

Melania Issues Statement On Ivana Calling Herself 'First Lady'
By Marc Nozell from Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA (20160208-DSC08088) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
President Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump, called herself "first lady" in a Monday interview with CBS ahead of the release of her memoir.

The president’s current wife and First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, fired back at Ivana’s comments calling them "attention-seeking and self-serving noise."


"Mrs. Trump has made the White House a home for Barron and the President," Grisham said in the statement. "She loves living in Washington, D.C., and is honored by her role as first lady of the United States. She plans to use her title and role to help children, not sell books."

"There is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex, this is unfortunately only attention-seeking and self-serving noise," the first lady’s communications director added.
 Source: Washington Free Beacon

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