REPORT Senate Close To Deal On Immigration

  • 2018-01-11
  • Source: The Hill
  • by: Jordain Carney
REPORT Senate Close To Deal On Immigration
Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) on Thursday said a bipartisan group of senators is getting closer to a deal to provide protection to young immigrants known as Dreamers and that would also include border security provisions.

"We've got this bipartisan group. We are at a deal. ... It's the only game in town," Flake told reporters. 

Asked what was the biggest remaining hurdle, Flake pointed to a border security package "and what's sufficient. That's what we're working on but we've pretty much got a bill."

Other senators indicated they did not believe the group was as close to a deal as Flake indicated. 

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 Source: The Hill

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